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Intermediate PC Guide

This intermediate player guide for role playing, will help in building the best character or traits for roleplaying no matter if it is Dungeons and Dragons or another system.

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16 Questions to create the ultimate backstory for your character

6 Questions to create the ultimate backstory for your character

Here we discuss how you as a player can shape the world your character is playing in, and discover your character by just answering 6 questions. Create an epic player character for your Roleplaying Game.

2Are you a spectator?

Are you a spectator?

Are you a spectator player or an an actor player? Do you drive the story or do you follow it?

3Types of characters – part 1

Types of characters – part 1

Hey everyone - I was REALLY tired. So apologies for the video being soft. But hey! Some great tips here on different character types and how to really take your characters to the next level in terms of role playing! Finding ways to build interesting characters in your Roleplaying game.

4Types of characters – part 2

Types of characters – part 2

We continue to look at the different types of characters you can play in your Roleplaying games and how this will literally CHANGE the way you role-play forever!

5Dependable character type

Dependable character type

Today we are looking at the 'Ye Olde Faithful' dependable character type for you as a Player Character to play. Do you want to play the character the party can rely on? How do you make it fun and functional ?

6Conscience character type

Conscience character type

"Are you sure you should set fire to the town and ransom their children?" What to do when your character is the Moral compass and how to play the moral compass in a tabletop rpg game where Murder Hobo is a thing.

7Soul character type

Soul character type

Looking to create the character that is the soul and life force within your tabletop rpg adventuring party? Here is some tips to grow your soul.

8Solver character type

Solver character type

Looking to play the Solver character in your tabletop rpg game? Aka want to question everything? Be prepared for any outcome? Use your party to the best of their abilities with or without their input, lol :) Hope this helps those of you who look after the whole party and the story.

9Adventure character type

Adventure character type

Join in the adventure? Your character is the adventure! Today we look at those characters that are ready to embark on quests, adventures and epic journeys in your RPG game.

10Ambassador character type

Ambassador character type

We are continuing looking at the different character types you could play in your RPG game. Are you the go between and interpersonal communicator in your party? You just might be an Ambassador, not necessarily for good or evil just for seeing both sides and then still being able to burn it all down.

11Protector character type

Protector character type

The last of our Role playing player character types, today we look at the Protector type. There are various ways you can be a protector without necessarily playing a Paladin or a physically strong character.

12Loner character type

Loner character type

Due to some of our community and fans asking for it and putting forward a good case as to why there should be a loner character type, we have created a video on how to play the loner character within your rpg group.

13Playing character stats

Playing character stats

Today we look at how you can combine your role playing with the stats that are on your character sheet for your tabletop rpg. Make interesting choices and find innovative, narrative explanations for your characters stats to help further your story.

14Are you a loot whore?

Are you a loot whore?

we look at that one person at the table who searches every crevice,corpse and cave for all the loot and makes amazing sleight of hand checks. Aka the Loot Dick/whore who wants to hoard and have all the shinies!!! We look at helping you recognize and see whether you are the player who hoards loot...

155 Alignment ideas

5 Alignment ideas

Although I immensely dislike alignment, I am sharing five ideas of how you can use rpg alignment within your character and game without being stuck in a box of chaotic good or lawful neutral\ without ever being able to grow past that.

16Lawful versus chaotic versus neutral

Lawful versus chaotic versus neutral

We unpack the difference between Lawful, Neutral and Chaotic as an alignment option for games that feature the alignment system like Dungeons and Dragons.

17Good versus neutral versus evil

Good versus neutral versus evil

In this final look at the Alignment system our GM discusses the merits of Good versus Evil versus Neutral and discovers that the Lawful Good combination isn't as nice as it seems at first....

18Your GM sucks – now what?

Your GM sucks – now what?

Your GM or DM is terrible! What do you do? Watch this video of course!

196 steps to your ultimate character

6 steps to your ultimate character

How do you create your perfect character?

20Using your own abilities/limitations for your character

Using your own abilities/limitations for your character

We look at how you can create a character that works with your own limitations and turn them into awesome abilities!

21How to gather followers

How to gather followers

How do you get followers in your game? How do you begin to make an army of minions to follow you into battle? Find out!

22Min Max’ing your character stats

Min Max’ing your character stats

Is Min-Maxing good or bad and how will it affect your game-play?

23Top 10 mistakes we all make

Top 10 mistakes we all make

These are the top 10 player mistakes we all make!

24How to engage with NPCS in a meaningful way

How to engage with NPCS in a meaningful way

How to get the most out of your interaction with NPC's in a Roleplaying game.

25Be inspired by the outdoors!

Be inspired by the outdoors!

Today we head outside for inspiration for you Tabletop RPG game.

26How to solve a mystery

How to solve a mystery

How to solve a mystery in any role playing game!

274 ways to keep yourself involved in the story even when you’re not!

4 ways to keep yourself involved in the story even when you’re not!

How to involve yourself when you're not, in Roleplaying. Aka how to do something even if your character doesn't have skills in that area. Are you a non-fighter stuck in combat? What are you going to do? Let these tips guide you.

28How do make your PC fit in with the rest of the party

How do make your PC fit in with the rest of the party

how and if you should make your Player character in your Role playing game fit in with the rest of the party.

29How to be a good leader

How to be a good leader

How to be a good leader in Role playing or do you need a leader? We discuss party roles and what a Leader is meant to do or appear to do at least.

30Growing and changing your character over time

Growing and changing your character over time

Tips on how to grow and change as a player character, and whether you really should?

31Creating character arcs

Creating character arcs

How do you build a character that is interesting and has somewhere to go? This episode discusses creating character arcs for your player character in your rpg and how to achieve an epic story that isn't one dimensional.

32Engaging your fellow PC’s

Engaging your fellow PC’s

looks at getting everyone involved at your table, it's not just your GM's job :P Tips on how to get everyone involved for an epic Roleplaying session.

33Roleplaying family

Roleplaying family

So you want to play the brother, cousin, uncle, sister, aunt, mother of someone else at the table, what's the best way to do that and build these relationships into your Role Playing?

34Integrating a new PC into an existing group

Integrating a new PC into an existing group

'As we mourn the passing of... wait what was your characters name again?' After the initial shock how do you integrate a new player character into your party? Whether they are simply a new character or a whole new player, we hope this will help. #WelcomeToTheTable

35Making a character for Star Wars

Making a character for Star Wars

We were so excited from watching Rogue One, that we are looking at how to create Star Wars characters in Star Wars tabletop roleplaying. May the force be with you.

36How to play a noble or officer character

How to play a noble or officer character

Your character is Noble and not like the rest of the low class drudges in your tabletop role playing session, but how do you play this character within your party and within your game masters setting.

37Playing a transforming werewolf type character

Playing a transforming werewolf type character

Has your tabletop roleplaying character been cursed/gifted with transformation? Would you like them to be? Here is how to play a character with an affliction that changes their stats/ appearance/ skills/ values and how to ensure it works within your party and further enhances your game without stopping the group. Tips on how you and your Game Master can make your transformative character a fun addition to your rpg session.

38How to play a monster

How to play a monster

How do you role play a monster in a role playing game? What should you do when playing a monster? How do you act? What should you avoid?

396 rules for online play

6 rules for online play

Want to give online tabletop role playing a chance? Today we discuss the 6 etiquette rules fro playing online via Roll 20, Skype, Fabletop or any of the other systems.

40Are you a GM Bully?

Are you a GM Bully?

Are you the bully at your table? Could you be that person, of course it's not you who is bullying your game master. Well here are some ways you can bully your GM at your rpg session even if you aren't being mean. Remember not a lot of players are bullies but in case... We are here to help for your sake and your games' with our player character tips to help you be a great role player

41How to step out of your comfort zone

How to step out of your comfort zone

Are you constantly playing the same character or your rpg character, no matter how different the class, you play it the same. Here are my six reasons and tips for stepping out of your comfort zone as a role player and as a player character. To become a great role player stepping out of your comfort zone will make your game more fun for you and for the rest of the players.

425 ways to make a better character using a map

5 ways to make a better character using a map

Usually the map is the realm of the Game Master but here are some tips to using the map to make your player character better and build your characters backstory. Use the map as inspiration to be a great role player.

43Roleplaying different ages

Roleplaying different ages

We look at how do you role play characters that are older or possibly younger and yet are still level one and aren't more advanced or less advanced than your fellow players. How do you use your characters age to enhance the game and not hinder it.

44How to avoid burning out!

How to avoid burning out!

how you as a player can avoid burnout from your rpg sessions. You love roleplaying and being at the table but for some reason you feel tired,bored and/or not committed to the game you're playing, is it your GM's fault or are you burntout?


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