group finding has never been easier
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With over 550 Available Tables and 8470 Role Players around the World...

RPG Table Finder helps you find a role playing group in your city, or online, no matter the RPG System.

group finding has never been easier

Find Tables Easily

Based on your preferences that you set, you can find tables ranging from the same city, timezone, language, role playing system, game style, or even state/province or country.

Does not matter if you are looking for a DnD group, or a group for any other role playing system our looking for group tool allows for any role playing system

communication tools to assist you in organising your role playing events

Discuss and Organise

All Tables have their own chat feature, where table members can discuss and plan their role playing sessions. Table Creators are able to set a table notice, which notifes members on important events.

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Completely Free

Our RPG Looking for Group tool is completely free to use, no hidden portals or catches. We derive revenue from Affiliations and Partnerships, which are completely unobtrusive.

Built From the Ground Up

RPG Table Finder has been built from the ground up and new features are constantly added and improved upon.

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The RPG Table Finder Platform does not ask for any identifying information such as names, address, gender or age. Allowing you to find tables with complete privacy. We also support private tables, allowing you to create tables that will not be discoverable without a direct link

new features coming soon

Features Coming Soon

Private Messaging Support

Smarter Table Finding Algorithm

Features Recently Added

Virtual Dice!

Better Mobile Support

Complete Interface Refresh

lfg for dnd, pathfinder, or GURPS

For Any Table Type

Got a face to face table in your town and don't play online at all? We got you covered. Prefer only online based games like Roll20? Organise it here. You can find the table to your needs, and if you need more selective results, let us know so we can improve the system! So let us help you in your looking for group process.

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