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Looking for a Group?

RPG Table Finder is the place where you can find, create and join Role Playing Tables / Games around the world, whether they are online or in the city near you.

No need to post on inactive forums, try and create a facebook group which people don't use or visit, or having people join a table only to learn they are not suitable for the game you are running.

Easy layout and chat features for every table

Our RPG Group Finder tool provides each table/game a place to chat, organise, and keep track of your own RPG sessions.

Our goal is simplicity, being able to do one thing well. Which is to be able to find and join tables easily with no bells and whistles, but also allow you to create tables with ease.

Is it free?

RPG Table Finder is 100% free. The platform is supported with sponsors and affiliation.

We developed this platform to help the community form tables and come together in a shared love for role playing, whether it is in person or online, we found that current solutions either convoluted, complicated or unnecessary, and so RPG table finder was born! Allowing you to look for a group, with less admin and 'stuff' getting in the way.

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