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Role Playing Guides for GMs and Players

GMs (Game Masters / Dungeon Masters)

New GM

Are you a new Game Master? or been out of it for a while? here are some guides to get you up and running quickly

Intermediate GM

Time to get your hands dirty, add deeper levels to your game, and take your players on epic journeys.

Advanced GM

You have it all locked down, now is the time to tweak or remind yourself of subtle aspects of your adventures.

Role Players (PCs)

New Player

You have finally taken the time to get into RPGs, but where to start? this guide will get you started quickly and easily

Intermediate Player

You now know where things are, here we take a look at bringing your performance, and playstyle to the next level

Advanced Player

Is it min max time, or working through alignment? here we take a look at more advanced aspects of the game