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New PC Guide

New to roleplaying? This player guide is geared towards new players or players that have not played RPGs for a while. No matter if it is Dungeons and Dragons or another system.

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1How to role-play

How to role-play

You have found a group and bought your dice (The first set is always the best :P ) and are now ready to role play. These tips will make sure you're ready, Welcome to the table.

2What is your job as a player in roleplaying?

What is your job as a player in roleplaying?

What is your job as a player and player character in role playing games? How do you handle difficulty within the game?

3How to create your first character

How to create your first character

Unsure on how to make your first character ever for a role-playing game? Fear not these few steps will help you understand what is needed so that you can start having fun straight away!

46 Tips for fleshing out your character

6 Tips for fleshing out your character

These six tips will help you flesh out your role-playing character and bring life to your RP experience.

5Are you a dick player?

Are you a dick player?

This episode looks at Players who we sometimes wish were not at the table. It looks at are you the Dick at the Role Playing Table? I know we all have had our moments but here's how to look out for it.

6How to prepare for your game

How to prepare for your game

What should you do to prepare for your role playing game ? You've realized you aren't the dick at the table and want to be a GREAT PC - here's how

7Playing different Races

Playing different Races

A video looking at choosing the race for your Roleplaying character.

8Creating cool names for your characters

Creating cool names for your characters

Today's episode looks at creating epically, amazing names for the characters you play in your role playing games. So that your PC's don't end up all as variations on Bob BloodRager

9Your animal companion

Your animal companion

The Great Role Player tip for this episode is how to use your player characters' animal companion as more than a mechanic and go for story instead of stats. Use your characters' familiar to enhance and extend your character and their story.


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